What is YOUR mission statement? 5 small business owners tell us theirs!
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Written By Umbreen
Published on October 5, 2017
We’ve discovered over time, not all business owners know what a mission statement is; or have one defined; or see it as essential. And as marketers, our response to this has been – whaa!

Because *a mission statement  is a key tool that captures, in a few succinct sentences, the essence of your business’s goals and the philosophies underlying them. Equally important, it signals what your business is all about to your customers, staff, suppliers and the community.

So do YOU have a mission statement for your business? And if so, how has it evolved since you first started? This is what 5 small business owners told us…

 Mission statement #1

sanzen digita business mission statement

”My Business mission when I started was to drive tried and tested sales and marketing techniques from Global organisations that can help start-up and small companies in manageable chunks to help grow their business. 

How has it evolved? On this journey I have met some remarkable business men and women who are also experts in their field giving me an expanded portfolio of services that I now offer and manage for clients along with project work with the large corporates due to my background that can potentially open up even more doors”. Nimisha

Mission statement #2

sanzen digital mission statement

”My business’ original mission was to help people release their inner potential through expert nutrition advice. I wanted them to be as healthy as they could be; enabling them to have high performance at work or in sport.

As it has evolved I have realised the influence I can have on my clients’ work colleagues and families. By becoming healthier my clients are ‘walking the walk’, and ‘talking the talk’. They don’t need to be telling people what to do because people will ask them.  The best thing for me is when I overhear someone passing my advice on as though it was what they always did!”. Jo


Mission Statement #3

sanzen digital business mission statement

My mission originally was to help as many people as I could to see the savings and benefits of being a member of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.

Since then and over a period of 10 years, my business has grown and evolved in so many ways. Now, I have the pleasure of spending my time helping those very members start their own part time business with The Utility Warehouse. My aim now is to work alongside new partners –using my learning and experience to help them become independently successful. I show them how to build a second stream passive income and feel financially protected for the future. Ruth



Mission Statement #4

sanzen digital business mission statement

I have and will always be completely passionate about interior design and colour and to strive to ensure that clients get the beautiful home that they want in the colours they like. So my goal has always been to create end results that are as unique and wonderful as my clients.

It hasn’t really evolved other than the way I work. For example, when I first  started the Colour Palette, twenty years ago this year, there was no internet. There is now more choice and accessibility and therefore it makes designing a lot easier in that respect; also with social media and the web you can show case your work. Beryl

Mission Statement #5

sanzen digital business mission statement

”Q: How my mission statement has evolved….?
My aim has always been to understand how to interpret, communicate, and simplify complex themes to targeted audiences.
Mission Statements…I think range from being the least important to one of the most important pieces of information in a company. At the outset, not so important – survival trumps everything else; if you can’t stay in business then you can’t influence or change anything. As your company grows though, especially when it becomes bigger than just you, then a Mission Statement is a succinct way of encapsulating how and why you do”. Matt


Bonus statement!

saznen digital business mission statement

”Sanzen  launched with the mission statement: We are passionate about providing local businesses flexible, cost-effective access to digital marketing services. 

It still holds true, but since then we’ve learnt lots and it’s evolved to: Our aim is to help and or collaborate with like-minded business owners who have a genuine and mutual aspiration to grow online and be awesome.

It’s far from perfect, but it provides us with the focus we need right now, for example, when deciding which projects to take on.” Umbreen


If you’re a business owner yourself, why not share your mission statement with us in the comment box below? We would love to know more about you!

To find out how Sanzen Digital can inspire you and help your business grow online – just drop us a line!

*definition courtesy of entrpreneur.com

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