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Whether it’s called a website audit, review, or health-check; having your website looked at by us will ensure that it is fully optimised.

It will identify any small fixes or bigger issues – such as website security and SEO inconsistencies – as well as letting you know the areas where your website is doing a sterling job in helping to generate leads or sales.


An optimised website is important if you want to:


  • Compete effectively online. So when potential customers searching online and comparing your business to your competitors – you’re just as effective – if not more – in driving them to your website.
  • Improve website stickiness. Have visitors to your website stick around long enough to make that enquiry, booking or sale – or simply leave your website with a great first impression – and wanting to come back again.
  • Have a long term projection for growth. Achieving business sustainability that is not based solely on referrals and your existing client base.


Exclusive Offer - Website Audit

Our website audit is ideal, if:


  • You’re thinking about updating your website (A review will ensure that your time and resource is invested in the right areas).
  • You want to benefit from a fresh pair of eyes to look at your website and its performance – irrespective of how new or old it is.
  • You have a limited budget. And prefer to make any improvements yourself  (especially, if you have developed the website yourself).
  • You’ve done very little with your website since it was first set up.
  • You need to improve the performance of campaigns that aim to drive traffic to your website – such as Google Adwords.
  • You have limited know-how in web design; SEO; and digital marketing.


Your website review will cover 4 key areas


Website Usability

 A thorough look at the back-end of your website (the important techy stuff) like site structure, security, and mobile responsiveness.

Website Performance

If you have Google Analytics installed – the review will provide you with a full analysis of the traffic to your site and visitor behaviour – along with recommendations.

Website Copy and Content

This will determine whether your content is truly aligned to your objectives; relevant, and effective. It looks at your marketing messages; the tone of voice; readability; look and feel; branding.

Website On-Page SEO

A complete audit of the on-page SEO for your website. Is it fully implemented? Does it look professional when it comes up in a Google search and does it have the best chance to be found?



The review carried out by Sanzen highlighted problems we weren’t aware of such as broken links and the quality of the SEO implemented. It not only looked into website usability and performance but also website content against our brand, objectives, and target audience. Providing a list of actions throughout, including recommendations on potential revenue streams and lead generation opportunities we could think about.

Annie Burt, Operations manager



It’s all really impressive and so much information you have given me. This definitely is going to help me step up my game on social media.

Nisha Rajput, Owner – Blush and Curls




I highly recommend Sanzen Digital for their professional, efficient and comprehensive service. Having reviewed my website, they have provided extremely helpful feedback and suggestions to enable me to increase the awareness of my business consultancy services and also improve my website content.

Sarah Flindall, SF Consultancy

    Although we have an inhouse marketing resource, we found this external review of our website really valuable. It was surprisingly comprehensive and highlighted areas that will help our website perform better in the long term; along with the added benefit of getting a fresh perspective. I highly recommend you get your website audited by Sanzen – it really is value for money.

Melanie Meads, Director, Q1 Care Ltd


Our Price List

Get a comprehensive website audit that’s simply value for money


For any businesses

From £385 plus vat

Exclusive offer for The Athena Network and British Chamber of Commerce members 

If you belong to Athena or the Chamber of Commerce take advantage of our exclusive member price of just £149 plus vat.

Please note that there is a limit on how many reviews we can do at any one time and this exclusive offer can be subject to change.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is better about the audit you will do for me compared to an audit from elsewhere?

It will be 100%  bespoke to your business.  Our review will be carried out within the context of your business objectives; target customer; brand; other marketing activities such as social media; resource; and best practice.

As a result, an added value that customers have found is that the review, by default, has also helped them improve their digital marketing and planning.

Finally, our special price offer is specifically tailored for the small business budget. We strongly believe that you will not receive a more comprehensive review anywhere else at this price point.

Please see our full price list – including an exclusive offer for The Athena Network and British Chamber Of Commerce members.


I already have marketing resource, should I just get them to review my website?

Of course, this is a viable option if you already have a marketing person or agency on board. However, having an external review carried out by us – will ensure it’s totally unbiased. In addition, you’ll get the real benefit of having a fresh pair of eyes look at your website. You can then pass on the review and any recommendations for your in-house team to look at.

Will it involve a lot of my time finding information for you?

No.  We’ve specifically set up a process so that it doesn’t take up much of your time at all. We just need a little info at the start – which we’ll request via email or phone – including access to the backend of the website.

Will the information I provide you with be kept safe and secure?

Yes. The report itself will be strictly private and confidential. And we follow GDPR guidelines so any sensitive information given to us– which is usually the login details to the backend of your website – will be deleted from our secure systems once the report is sent to you.

How long will it take to receive my report?

We will send you an online PDF of the final report between 10-12 working days of receiving all the information we need.  You will be informed by both text and email of its arrival.

Audits can be quite technical and formal, will it be easy to understand?

Yes. We have designed the review so that it is easy to understand. It will have explanations of any technical terms and why we are reviewing a certain area so you understand its relevancy.

We also use a colour coded traffic light system – so that it will be quick for you identify what needs addressing ASAP (RED); what needs looking at but can wait till you have the resource (YELLOW); and GREEN for what is following best practice and is aligned to your objectives.

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