How a small business can be big on brand
Be big on brand - business
Written By Umbreen
Published on November 27, 2016

Every now and again we meet a small business as a hot prospect for our digital services, only to discover it’s already doing a pretty good job of building its brand on-line.

Bori Bojthe Photography, a new studio in Aylesbury run by Hungarian born Bori, is such an example.

bori-3482_small_webThere’s a lot that Bori, in our opinion, is doing right with her digital media and from which other start-ups can learn from. And so it doesn’t come as a surprise, she already enjoys good engagement through her social media, and that the business has built up momentum in a relatively short time.

The brand itself is about quality of service and customer experience. Its values are empowering women; empathy; and a celebration of relationships. And the essence of the brand is to ‘build self-belief’ through photoshoots which show women at their most beautiful.

What we love in particular, is not only the strength and clarity of the brand, but how Bori has successfully managed to achieve brand consistency across all of her digital and offline channels.  

As a result, wherever customers and prospects encounter Bori Bojthe Photography – be it through Facebook; its website; its brochures, even down to the ambience of the studio itself – the same brand message and personality is conveyed through the copy, tone, and overall look and feel for each channel.

This brand consistency enables both clients and prospects to understand what the brand stands for and successfully (and quite rightly) gives the perception that Bori is more than just another portrait photographer.

bori screens

If you would like more information on how you can achieve effective brand consistency across all of your online channels, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.


Bori Bojthe Photography

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