Creating Better Futures

Client Testimonial

“As a charity, our main aim at the moment is to encourage donations and sponsorships in order to get people involved in our mission to lift children out of poverty- the improvement of our website is pivotal in doing this.

Although our website is fairly new, the review carried out by Sanzen highlighted problems we weren’t aware of such as broken links and the quality of the SEO implemented. It not only looked into website usability and performance but also website content against our brand, objectives, and target audience. Providing a list of actions throughout, including recommendations on potential revenue streams and lead generation opportunities we could think about.

The health check has proved invaluable in helping us to prioritise what we need to do in order to get both our website and charity to the next level. I am sure with the help of Sanzen we will see a considerable growth in traffic directed to our website, and subsequently more donations being made towards life-changing projects.

If you have a website and also have competitors online, then I highly recommend you get a digital health check carried out by Sanzen! They are not only experts at what they do, but they are a great laugh and put everything into easy to understand terms so that the process isn’t overwhelming, and the next steps make perfect sense.”

Annie Burt