Client Testimonial

“I would thoroughly recommend Umbreen. Umbreen and I have been together on my e-newsletters. As I desperately needed help with writing and planning the right content and lacked time to do it properly myself. And what’s more, Umbreen thoroughly researched each topic and wrote it in a way that I would have done myself if I could have! Everything was well-timed, it was a very smooth process and a real pleasure working with her and Sanzen.”

“If you want a really good sparky website I would recommend Lina. She had so many ideas I had to keep her in check as I was basically quite happy with the overall layout of my website but wanted it to be updated, a bit more punchy. Lina listened to what I did and did not want and tweaked it here and tweaked it there. The result was brilliant: within a few days, I had received several enquiries via my website and some new clients! Thank you, Lina.”

Jacqueline Dunne